Resilience Health is a beacon of hope and recovery, standing at the forefront in the battle against opioid addiction. Our mission is to bring lasting change to families in Utah and beyond, offering a lifeline to those facing the challenges of addiction. We provide a long-term medical treatment that maximizes your success. Our commitment goes beyond mere treatment; we offer daily support during the initial phases and weekly check-ins throughout the entire two years. Telemedicine visits are available to enhance convenience and accessibility. Our expertise includes buprenorphine treatment, a proven path to recovery.

Why Choose Resilience Health

We stand out by offering a proven medical treatment for high long-term recovery rates. Our outpatient approach ensures frequent appointments and includes telemedicine visits, setting us apart from inpatient centers. Short duration, 30-90 day programs have less sobriety success long term when not followed by medically assisted treatment. Studies have shown that programs lasting longer than 18 months when including buprenorphine maintenance treatment, have higher three year post treatment success rates.

Buprenorphine is a medication that partially stimulates the opioid receptors, alleviating physical withdrawal and cravings long term. It begins working immediately to help discontinuation of opioid (i.e. oxycodone, fentanyl, heroin, etc.) use beginning on day one. It is very safe with allergic reactions being exceedingly rare. It also has a very low overdose risk. We customize the dose to every patient’s needs. This treatment allows patients to return to their previous high level of functioning, in their jobs, at home, and socially very quickly, often within one week (depending on severity of withdrawal, they may not need to miss any work).

We support patients with a combination of in clinic and telehealth visits. Our program includes over 150 visits over the two years (19 visits within the first month). Important components of success include having a primary care physician, therapist, pharmacy, and membership with a support program (such as Narcotics Anonymous).

Patients can choose to use their own pharmacy and therapist, or they may choose to use the mail order pharmacy service that we are associated with that will deliver medications confidentially to their mailbox. We also partner with a therapy service that provides both group or individual telehealth visits that patients can choose to use for their convenience.

About Dr. Abe Tomco

Dr. Tomco strongly believes that every patient deserves a strong, competent, respectful ally in their efforts to achieve good health. Patients should feel comfortable asking questions and expressing doubts. They get the attention they deserve, receiving clear education about their health and all the options available to them. Dr. Tomco has 17 years of experience, including directing a flourishing family practice in Orem, UT for 13 years.

He has also led the medical team at Aspen Groves Behavioral Hospital (formerly Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital) for 13 years, including a time as the director of the Substance Use Disorder in patient detox treatment department. He has eight years of experience treating recovering opioid addicted patients with buprenorphine (Suboxone) in an outpatient setting.

Additionally, he worked as a rural Emergency Department and Hospitalist physician at Kane County Hospital for eight years and as an attending physician at Utah Valley Specialty Hospital treating medically complex patients for five years. He maintains a warm relationship and many connections at his previous posts, but is now ready to dedicate the next two decades of his career to helping tackle the massive opioid epidemic in Utah and the entire country. He is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Medical Association and the Utah Medical Association.

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