Family Support

Addiction affects more than the person who is using drugs. The family structure and dynamic is often eroded. Compounding the issue is any family history of drug abuse, as well as unhealthy patterns of behavior that may go back generations.

The Impact of Addiction on Families

Known as a “family disease,” addiction touches the lives of everyone around the addict. Even if you do not use drugs and alcohol, you may have learned new patterns of behavior in your attempts to help the person who is addicted.

The Importance of Family Involvement

Restoring and changing family dynamics is important for the addict’s recovery as well as your own happiness and mental health. We help you regain control over your life by:

  • Teaching you how to set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Helping you rebuild relationships that are based on trust and mutual respect
  • Working with you to overcome the consequences of the trauma that you have experienced

Support for Families

Our goal is to help families understand that you cannot control a person’s drug use or save them from addiction. Many of the tools used for our patient's can be applied to their families in helping them through the process of recovery even if they are not the ones addicted. Some of the tools we use for our patient's are:

  • Reading, journaling and reflection
  • Goal setting
  • Support groups
  • Virtual group therapy session

Individuals wanting to receive support as they too are impacted from the effects of the patient's addiction are encouraged to participate in utilizing the above tools for their own healing. 

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